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Using the values that guided me as a U.S. Army officer, I am honored to work each day to ensure that Williamson County continues to be Tennessee’s top destination for businesses and families alike. As your State Representative,

I will uphold our Republican principles to get effective, conservative results for our community.

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  • Continue to find solutions to our transportation and infrastructure needs


  • Reject government overreach and fight for local control of our schools


  • Support our local governments and our business community


  • Ensure the protection of unborn children and uphold the sanctity of life


  • Safeguard our 2nd Amendment rights and responsible gun ownership


  • Support market-based initiatives and personal responsibility for healthcare


  • Advocate for those who serve, maintain, and protect our state and local community


  • Keep Tennessee financially strong, debt-free and recession ready



  • Co-sponsored key legislation that prioritized construction of the Mack Hatcher
    Parkway extension project while working with TDOT to add numerous other
    critically-needed road projects to the county’s three-year transportation plan

  • Sponsored and passed a resolution requiring the federal government to take
    proactive steps to eliminate the suicide hazard presented by the Natchez Trace


  • Championed successful legislation known as the Katie Beckett Waiver, which
    helps thousands of parents access critical health care services for children with
    severe disabilities


  • Sponsored a new law to create the state’s first Alzheimer's Disease and Related
    Dementia Advisory Council to address the pending health crisis facing our aging
    baby-boomer population

  • Other key legislative achievements include: suicide recognition and prevention
    training for counselors; body camera standards for police officers; PTSD services
    for firefighter and EMS personnel; trauma center training for military doctors; and
    economic development policy for local governments and job-creators

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