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Why I'm Running

As a native son of Tennessee, it is a real honor and privilege to represent my community as a member of the General Assembly. It is a responsibility that I will never take for granted or abuse.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented hardships to our citizens and business owners all across the state. Until this virus subsides, my top priority is and will remain working with our state leadership, local officials, business owners, community organizations and our citizens to secure the resources they need to defeat this virus. During the process of reopening our economy, it is important that we support our local employers and check in on our neighbors with continued caution and responsible social distancing. Even as we all adjust to a new normal, know that my focus will remain on rebuilding our economy, protecting our local schools, improving our infrastructure and expanding access to affordable medical care.

I look forward to the challenges of keeping our state financially strong, our citizens safe, and our children prepared for the future. My office stands ready to help in any way we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us in Nashville if I may be of assistance to you. My team is ready to meet the challenges of 2020 with a continued commitment to serving the citizens of Tennessee!

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